Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Suit and The Suit

'The suit and the suit are not the future manager'

"Beauty is a better recommendation than any letter," said Aristotle. And the Middle Ages has left us the saying “Clothes do not make the man, but it allows to enter the convent". More recently, Johnny Halliday sang" my mouth, what she has my mouth?" The issue is most appearances, is everywhere, and we continue where that one is and whatever we do.

        When looming interviews for competitions or training inputs about a small step seems interesting. Especially the issue knows a new face taking into account, the rise of the presence of the image with the Internet and social networks. In 2014 the picture circulates everywhere and with increasing acceleration, as evidenced by the development of Instagram or Snapshot.


       The claim for recognition. This is the famous celebrity fifteen minutes promised by Andy Warhol brings to the stage of his innermost self. It was then a game of comparisons and performance that installs. Lady Gaga, Rihanna are icons of this game appearances.

          Ironically, the issue of physical appearance is not dealt with in the world of work. It appears alongside 19 other discrimination criteria. But if many research works, lawsuits, legal and regulatory systems have become interested in the origin, disability, gender ... little direct concern physical appearance, which is often treated according to another angle. The earring for a man becomes a problem of homophobia, tattoos or dreadlocks fall of religious...



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